Exercise Trainers

Meet our three exercise trainers.

“Evidence suggests that Cardiac rehabilitation can reduce cardiac deaths by 27%, improve quality of life, and reduce anxiety and depression. Yet despite being an inexpensive treatment that saves lives we know that it is underutilised.

Here at Heart throbs we offer a comprehensive support programme that helps you to get back up after what, for many is a catastrophic event.

After many years of working with cardiac patients I have seen many ‘minor miracles’ and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch so many of our group regain their confidence and resume full and active lives.”

Rob Bird Msc (PG Cert, BACPR, ACSM)



 “Heart Throbs support group provide an all access exercise class that allow people of all abilities to get ‘back up and running’ again after any form of cardiac event. Among the many understated side effects of our sessions are the fun and social aspects of the groups and the fantastic guidance you receive on how to keep yourself healthy and active in your day to day life.

Over my time of working with the groups, I have seen the huge benefits that people have gained from regular attendance: be it weight loss, improved fitness, better balance and flexibility, long lasting contacts and friendships….and dare I say even the ability to return to full time work.”

Brad Allen, Hands-on Therapy



Mark Huggard

Instead of me writing about the physical and psychological health benefits of taking part in our Cardiac Exercise Rehab classes. I am going to comment about why people exercise at our classes on a regular basis.

Initially, the most important thing is getting the patients from Phase III to Phase IV. This can be a very daunting experience for most people especially if they don’t know anyone at the class and they are not quite sure what is involved or how similar the class is to the hospitals phase III exercise session.

What I have learned from my many years of taking Cardiac Rehab phase IV exercise classes is why our patients keep coming back. I know it’s partly due to the likability of the instructor but what I have also found from my experience is that it is mainly down to the participants in the class, especially classes with older clientele and the many different characters in the group. It is the fun atmosphere that makes the class, the friendly banter and the laughter I hear and the friends the participants have made.

To back my thoughts up I have asked exercise participants at my classes to take part in a simple survey with three questions:

What are the most important reasons to you for taking part in this class: Please rate 1 – 3, 1 being the most important:


Friends / Social / Friendly banter


From a recent survey I asked the members of the class to complete, the feedback I have received so far is that all the women rate the exercise and the friendship equally, 60% of the men rate the exercise as the most important and the other 40% rate the exercise and friendly banter as the most important.

From my findings so far the exercise is the most important but what keeps people attending is the friendliness of the group, the way the groups bond and the fun people are having whilst exercising.

This applies to all the Cardiac Rehab classes I teach and is also an enjoyable experience for me as I see health improvements people have made and the good friends I have made in many of the Cardiac groups.

Mark Huggard