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HEART THROBS is an independent support group, affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, based in Enfield, North London.  We are a voluntary group supporting anyone with a heart condition or who has had heart surgery in North London or surrounding areas.

We offer:

  • Cardiac exercise classes to help members return to a more active or normal life style.
  • Cardiac support meetings offering help and guidance to people who want to understand and manage their condition and extend their life.

HEART THROBS is one of the leading and most active support groups and currently have some 200 members, over 100 of which are regular exercisers.

COME AND JOIN US and meet people like yourself who have gained new confidence and returned to a fitter, happier and more active lifestyle.


HEART THROBS was founded in 1990 by Sister Noirin Egan in Melbourne Ward (the coronary care unit) at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield.  It has grown to be one of the leading and most active cardiac support groups in the North London and surrounding area.