‘It has helped me to maintain the fitness levels I achieved with the cardiac nurses prior to being discharged from hospital.  I have also met new friends and discussing their experiences that they incurred during their treatment’. David, who had 3 stents fitted in July 2010

‘Since my by-pass 13 years ago, I have exercised twice a week.  The exercising has helped a great deal but so has the support and companionship of the group’.  Ted 90

Heart-Throbs has given me a steady fitness regime that has given me a standard of fitness that enables me to resume, as best as possible, my day-to-day life with a chance of compounding that fitness’. Bob, a retired Med Lab Scientific Officer and football referee who had an aortic valve replacement at The London Heart in August 2012.

‘The exercise classes have made me much fitter which helps my tissue valve’.  Barrie, a market trader, who had an aortic valve replacement in 2009.

‘Heart-Throbs has helped by doing it in a group and meeting people in a similar position’. Stanley, who had 5 stents fitted at The Royal Free, Hampstead in December 2012

‘Heart-throbs has given me confidence and good friendship’. Peter, who had double bypass and mitral valve repair at Barts in August 2010

‘Heart Throbs has kept me going’. Trevor, a retired pharmacist, who had stents fitted at the London Chest Hospital in 2009

‘Regular, monitored exercise keeps me fit and combined with sensible diet helps to prevent a recurrence of the problems.’  Malcolm, a former accountant who had angioplasty in October 2011

‘Heart-Throbs has helped me to get fit and then to keep fit’.  Vic, a retired roofing contractor, who had 2 stents fitted at Chase Farm in March 2013

‘I would suggest that anyone who has had a heart problem and has been through rehab contact Heart throbs to continue their exercise.  Ten years ago, when I was 70, I had 2 stents fitted and was advised to follow up exercising which I did, and have not looked back. I go twice a week and enjoy the company and new friends that I have made. My husband and I also find the monthly meetings quite interesting’.  Sylvia

‘I feel much better after the exercise & I enjoy the company’  Dennis, who had 3 stents fitted in 2000